Ask yourself (or the plumber) these questions before you decide on someone who can be your on-call specialist for all your household plumbing needs.



Section A

Questions for the plumber

Are you licensed?

Are you bonded? 

Do you have proof of insurance?

Are you registered as a tradesperson, or are you an employee with a larger company?

How long have you been in the plumbing business?

Is your rate hourly or fixed?

How much will my project cost — and what’s included?

What quality of fixtures do you use?

Who will be doing the work?

What is your availability?

Can I call you with questions? When?

Are there any guarantees included in the pricing estimate?

Do you do more emergency or remodeling work?

Do you have any references?


Section B

Questions to ask yourself

What do the online reviews say?

What does the website tell you?

Are they polite on the phone?

Can I get a referral from someone I know personally?